about us

about us

We are  makers and creators of interactive digital tools for mental healthcare, educational and social good.  We create bespoke social, corporate and community projects through My CC Toolkit which is owned by Watoto Play Ltd.

Hello and thanks for reading. I’m Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar, the founder and creator of My CC Toolkit and owner of Watoto Play Ltd. I am also a qualified counsellor in private practice.  My passion is to make mental health support easily accessible to all on a global scale. I wanted to create something that will  engage and empower therapists, educators, their clients, attendees and their practice. I wanted to make it easy to be creative in a safe therapeutic environment online.

I wanted to find a way to dispel the myth that “to be creative” means you have to be in some way “artistically talented”. To me creativity means finding solutions, in the box and out of the box thinking. I wanted to make the lives of those practitioners who work online easier also. To help prevent practitioner burnout.

I wanted to create a tool that is able to deliver therapeutic interventions in a creative yet cost effective manner – meaning we are able to reach more families and communities without blame or shame to those who need support. I wanted to do something that means parents get the support they need  I wanted to do something that will support us in building better bonds with the people we love and our communities. 

I will leave it to those who use My CC Toolkit to let me know if I have achieved some of my goals. Welcome to our world of using digital, interactive creative interventions in the therapeutic process online (gosh that was a mouthful!). 

Kindest Wishes Yasmin 🙂 

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