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The CORE-OM is a 34-item generic measure of psychological distress, which is pan-theoretical (i.e., not associated with a school of therapy), pan-diagnostic (i.e. not focused on a single presenting problem), and draws upon the views of what practitioners considered to be the most important generic aspects of psychological wellbeing health to measure. The CORE-OM comprises 4 domains:
+ Well-being (4 items)
+ Symptoms (12 items)
+ Functioning (12 items)
+ Risk (6 items)
It takes between 5-10 minutes to complete* 
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Start the CORE-OM (Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation – Outcome Measure)

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Core - OM (Outcome measure)

Over the last week .......

1. I have felt terribly alone and isolated.
2. I have felt tense, anxious or nervous.
3. I have felt I have someone to turn to for support when needed.
4. I have felt OK about myself.
5. I have felt totally lacking in energy and enthusiasm.
6. I have been physically violent to others.
7. I have felt able to cope when things go wrong.
8. I have been troubled by aches, pains or other physical problems.
9. I have thought of hurting myself.
10. Talking to people has felt too much for me.
11. Tension and anxiety have prevented me doing important things.

Your therapist will discuss with you your clinical score and what it means. 

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