work with us

work with us

We are passionate about creating digital, interactive, consumer friendly mental health psycho-education tools that help create healthier communities. We are always happy to hear from people who share our values and goals.

We are always open to learn about new projects, research and ideas for collaborations. We are also happy to hear from those who just want to wave us a smiley hello, you can reach us here.  We believe together we are stronger. 

Whether you run your own individual private practice or run a practice with multiple team members our software and community can support you.  

Our online creative play therapy workspace creates 100’s of resource possibilities for tele therapists and  mental health professionals and advocates. Want Sandtray play? We have that! Want to explore anger? Use the Angry Tent resource. Can’t find what you need? Use our tools to easily create your own. 

Combine this with a workspace that streamline’s your practice online-  add session notes, add your clinical will, book appointments. add your to do list. Oh and did we mention we are HIPAA compliant? 


Perhaps you want to create resources for psychoeducation to share and use with your class or community?

If you are teaching mental health or emotional wellbeing – we can support you whether that’s in schools, Further Education or at University. 

We can tailor make online digital courses, tools and products. Perhaps you have a project in mind?  just get in touch to find out how we can work work together. 

Have a research project that involves online teletherapy?

My CC Toolkit can be used to create and monitor research projects. Create projects and conduct your entire project online, creativity and practicality combined into one software solution.

Use our standard out of the box My CC Toolkit or we can develop and create a tailor-made product specifically for your research needs.

Are you looking for cost effective online EAP Programs? 

We create programs tailored to your company’s specific needs. Providing online self-paced, live group and individual solutions for your staff. Whether psychoeducation or providing online therapists – we can support the wellbeing of your company. 

Would you like to use my cc toolkit? 

We aim to offer registered charities favourable conditions so you are able to use my cc toolkit. If you have an idea or a project you want to brainstorm or get off the ground – please get in touch. 

We are always interested to hear from creators of resources who would like their resources published on our website.  You can submit your resource right here , it can take us up to 28 working days to review your resource and get back to you. We ask you kindly to please be patient ( our office is full humans not bots) and we will reply to you.