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Our software is developed specifically for clinicians, healthcare, social and educational  professionals to support you in taking your practice online safely.  For those who work in telehealth it offers clinicians a practical solution – add secure session notes, your clinical will, appointments, client/ patient records, assessments, supervision and continuing professional development records.

But just as importantly (if not more importantly we think) my cc toolkit provides the user with creative resources to engage and empower their clients and their practice.  And if that’s not enough you have the tools to create your own resources online. 

Join our facebook group to learn more about how our software will benefit you,  your practice and your clients. Streamline your workload,  slow down practitioner burnout and engage & empower your practice.

Creative Workspace

What can our creative toolkit do for you & your practice? We provide a solution for therapists, educators and social care professionals who want to work creatively online in a safe environment.

Create Connection Through Creating

Engage & Empower your clients, teams or attendees online. 100's of possibilities of online creative activities.
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Keeping information Safe

Security is at the heart of our business. Manage your practice safety with confidence. Our service offers a high level of security using the latest technology and a commitment to ongoing compliance.

Security is key

We are HIPAA compliant and working towards ISO27001. We are committed to providing professionals peace of mind when working online. 
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Practical Workspace

Our practice management solution has been created by an online counsellor and psychotherapist specifically for therapists working online. Keep track of your appointments, client caseload, your session notes, supervision notes & CPD.

Keeping Your EHR Records in One Space.

Keep track of your appointments, client caseload, your session notes, supervision notes & CPD. We just want to create a streamlined online environment.
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